David Goyette is chief technology officer of Ehave, Inc. Dave joined Ehave in 2016 and brings over 30 years of technology, software architecture, and innovation experience in healthcare, imaging solutions, embedded systems, distributed systems, and gaming. Dave’s most recent experience includes the position of software architect for the Cancer Informatics program at Princess Margaret Hospital at University Health Network in Toronto. Dave was also recently a software architect at Symcor, responsible for architecting and designing a next generation platform to be used by new initiatives. Prior to these positions, Dave designed and implemented the next generation console and analytic tools for Novadaq’s SPY fluorescent imaging platform (Dave co-authored several patents for this product). Before Novadaq, Dave proposed a concept for a new MMOG game to the Montecito Picture Company, and partnered with them on developing the concept and building a prototype in cooperation with a team of artists and game developers from Seneca at York.

Dave is experienced in building applications for the Android ecosystem, and in building cross platform applications for Android and IOS. Dave’s other healthcare experience includes the architecture and design for both the Philip and Hitachi Medical System MRI devices. Dave has been a trainer for Sun Microsystems, and has successfully led technical teams on a score of other projects throughout his career. Dave received his undergraduate degree in B.Math (double honours in Computer Science and C&O) from the University of Waterloo, and successfully completed 7 of the 9 courses required for an M.Eng degree from the University of Toronto.