Scott Woodrow is a Founder and Director of Ehave. Scott formed the company through his understanding and experience with the significant gaps that exist between the treatment of mental health and other healthcare needs. Scott has been involved in healthcare technologies for over 20 years, starting in an advisory capacity and growing through active investment and finally in the establishment of Ehave, Inc. Scott is passionate about improving the human condition and believes strongly that the unlimited capacity of the human mind is our greatest gift. Scott is involved with many healthcare industry and research institutions in assisting the advancement of technologies and bringing solutions from the bench to the clinic. Scott is an active volunteer in the community and is a Board member of the Zareinu Education Centre – a school for children with mild and severe physical and mental disabilities.

Scott was Managing Partner of Lions Peak International Innovation Fund, LP, a Canadian investment fund investing in Israeli high tech companies, from 2007 to 2013. He has also provided consulting services to healthcare research facilities and companies since 2013. From 2007 through 2013, Scott was a director of PCure Ltd., a medical device company developing patient positioning and planning systems for radiation therapy for cancer. From 1998-2005, Scott was at Ernst & Young, LLP with a primary client base of venture capital firms and their venture backed portfolio companies. Scott served clients primarily in Canada and in Israel and was a designated individual for clients originating in Israel. After leaving Ernst & Young, LLP in 2005, Mr. Woodrow continued advisory services to venture firms and venture backed companies.