To Our Shareholders

Ehave has made a great deal of strategic and tactical progress this year and I want to put this progress into context and give you an update on how Ehave is fulfilling its vision to transform mental healthcare. Since our last update, we are pleased with our execution of our business and financial strategy. We have executed and expanded the commitments we have made to our mental health (Multi Health Systems) and therapeutic partners (MedReleaf TSX: LEAF), entered new partnerships to expand our market verticals to include the pharmaceutical industry (Aequus TSX-V: AQS). Meanwhile, we have been preparing for our next set of trials of our new video games for assessment & remediation of ADD/ADHD developed in collaboration with The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

This letter will articulate our vision, the milestones we have already reached, and our goals we expect to achieve in the years to come.

A Differentiated Strategy

Ehave is a healthcare technology company dedicated to improving the lives of adults and children suffering from mental illness. We extract quantitative data from qualitative patient experience to help mental health researchers, pharmaceutical companies and clinicians develop actionable insights.

Why is this important? As the stigma associated with mental health starts to reduce, and public education is on the rise, we have an opportunity to change the dialogue. When 20% of adults experience mental illness every year – the impact touches all of us. An individual is more likely to experience mental illness than develop diabetes, heart disease or any kind of cancer – combined. The financial impact on society is significant, as the estimated cost of mental disorders was at least $467B in the US. Now is the time to bring mental health to the 21st century.

Prateek Dwivedi

Chief Executive Officer

We make it simple to capture high quality mental health outcomes data that can be tailored to the needs of different audiences that seek to improve mental health outcomes. In everyday clinical settings – at the community care level for psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers – we provide data equivalent to what pharmaceutical companies capture during Phase IV clinical trials. For researchers and pharmaceutical companies, we provide robust data capture that potentially lower the cost of clinical trials and studies through increased efficiencies and allow them to capture better patient reported outcomes.

The Ehave Platform is the only health informatics platform designed to improve the quality of data that drives patient assessment/treatment, pharmaceutical innovation and insurance coverage. Our suite of data-rich digital tools manage patients/users and facilitates communication between groups, allows for unprecedented capture of patient outcome data, access to a wealth of high quality patient data, and is accessible via web and mobile portals to patients, physicians, researchers and developers.

Our high quality data rich platform lets clinicians simplify assessment and reporting by having data to design evidence-based, personalized treatment plans and improve outcomes. Patients using our platform feel they are in more control of their care, as they have better data to monitor treatment compliance and engage in their mental health journey. Pharmaceutical companies and researchers are able to create distinguishing offerings beyond the pill by having better data to maximum the quality of clinical trials results and optimize their R&D spend. In addition, the Ehave Platform lets insurance companies get more data to help drive claims down by having better data to link specific treatment plans with positive patient outcomes. And our platform also helps medical cannabis producers prove their strains work by giving them the efficacy and safety data to differentiate for distinct indications.

We believe that the breadth of the Ehave Platform combined with the unmet need in mental healthcare puts Ehave in a unique position to capitalize on multiple opportunities across many markets. Our strategy is to grow our business by entering into revenue-generating partnerships that also provide opportunities to demonstrate value and attract new partners and customers, enabling the delivery of shareholder value. We have already started making headway on this path by establishing and executing on key partnerships.

Psychological Assessments

We continue our work on integrating Multi-Health Systems (“MHS”) psychological assessments onto the Ehave Platform (announced December 2016). This is done through Ehave Connect – which facilities the seamless integration of diagnostic and treatment tools that leverage the functionality found within the Ehave Platform. This work was focused on the distribution of 15 Gold Standard test from the Conners suite of psychological assessments for children and adolescents with ADD/ADHD – the first implementation of the MHS catalog, announced June 2017. Through the summer, the MHS and Ehave teams have been working together on the public launch of the offering to early access customers throughout USA and Canada. Our plan is to expand the offering with additional assessments from MHS’ catalog, and attract additional partnerships with other leading publishers of mental health assessments.

Patient Reported Outcomes and Medical Cannabis

Ehave is continuing our work on creating a patient application for MedReleaf (announced February 2017). This patient-reported outcome application is built for mobile devices and will allow patients to report on their medication adherence, and track the efficacy (symptom management) and safety (side effect management) of their cannabis therapy. The design of the Ehave patient report outcomes application is similar to activity trackers from Apple Watch and Fitbit, so that it is easy and simple to use with motivations & achievements for reporting and achieving results. The Ehave Platform maps the inputs to a pharmaceutical grade data standard, and clinicians have access to a dashboard to see how their patients are doing. In addition, we are working on expanding the relationship to include patient assessments in addition to patient report outcomes.

MegaTeam – Video Games to help those with ADD/ADHD

We continue to develop the MegaTeam game platform for the assessment and remediation of children and adolescents with ADD/ADHD. Based on feedback from our last randomized control trial which ran from October 2016 to January 2017, we have created mobile versions of the game that have a simpler game play. The newly developed game platform has the ability to be “skinned” so that we can have a different look and feel with underlying gameplay that is equivalent between games. This will give Ehave the ability to build multiple games quickly that let patients go from one game to the other while continuing to build their remediation strength. We will meet our development timelines to prepare for new clinical trials with Child Bright Network, targeted to start this Fall. The trials will be lead by our clinical partner, The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

Pharmaceutical Trials

In July 2017, we signed a Letter of Intent with Aequus Pharmaceuticals for Ehave solutions to be used for the assessment, diagnostic, therapeutic and outcome management for use in informal and formal clinical trials. The intent is for the Ehave Platform and patient reported outcomes application to be used by clinicians and patients of Aequus trials, with content to be customized based on the specific needs of the trial protocols for both traditional and Cannabis CBD-based treatments. This is a significant milestone for Ehave – opening up a new market vertical to demonstrate the value of the Ehave informatics platform in clinical trails. We believe that we can bring the cost of trials down substantially and be the first Digital CRO in the market.

Informatics Breadth

Ehave is focused on mental health, and we continue to make strides executing against our vision. At the same time, there may be opportunities in other health sectors in need of better informatics. Some of these sectors may seem more advanced, as they may have entered a digital age, but are finding it difficult to derive insights from their data. The power of the Ehave Platform is that it is sector agnostic, it is the content integrated with Ehave Connect that is specific to mental health. We keep the dialogue open, knowing that the potential for the Ehave Platform to be utilized in other disciplines is possible.

Well positioned to Capture Growth

On the corporate side of Ehave, we have been building upon the execution excellence as demonstrated in the initiatives described above, including the start of revenue coming into the organization.

We have a management team that has built, grown and operated high value organizations before, including my experience in building a $10M cancer informatics solution for Princess Margaret Cancer Center, being an executive at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto that had a $330M operating budget, the $40M exit of Casero to Radial Point where I was a founding employee, and being an early employee of Solect Technology Group which sold to  Amdocs for $1.2B. In addition, we have a world class Board of Directors with health technology, pharmaceutical and insurance expertise.

Our goals include delivering to clinicians the ability to provide a new gold standard of mental health care to their patients, and provide clinicians and pharmaceutical companies the data intelligence for better care and drug development.

We will achieve our goals by continuing to sign strategic relationships – we will grow our catalog of assessment, diagnostic, treatment and outcome capture tools to continue to assemble the gold standard collection of tools. We will sell into the clinical market through our partnerships to gather data and deliver solutions that give them insights on patients and cohorts they have never seen before, while increasing efficiency. We will sell into the pharmaceutical market – through new partnerships and our existing relationships we will create solutions that integrate seamlessly into their workflow to run more efficient clinical trials and gather outcomes data to support new treatments and enhance existing treatments to support more robust label claims.

Ehave is operating from a position of tremendous strength. We have gone from a pre-revenue development organization with big plans, to executing on those plans and making even bigger plans. Our customers are looking for actionable insights as they move from paper and pen to a digital world, and that can only be delivered by combining the innovation and talent that we have brought together.


Prateek (Teek) Dwivedi
Chief Executive Officer
Ehave, Inc.

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