Digital Assessment and Rehabilitation Tool For Children With ADHD 

MegaTeam applications embed cognitive assessment and rehabilitation tasks within an engaging video game environment.

The Problem We Solve

MegaTeam assessment and rehabilitation products are built on established methodologies for the measurement of cognitive abilities in populations with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (“ADHD”).

Methodologies commonly used today involve the repetitive performance of tasks using a digital interface. Research has found that patients, in particular those with symptoms of ADHD, have difficulty completing the necessary regimen of tasks due to lack of engagement. Additionally, these tasks are often administered in a clinical setting, often resulting in extended time in clinical settings for the patient and their accompanying parent or guardian.

Our products have been developed to address these primary concerns as well as to enable a breadth of cognitive processes/abilities to be assessed and an individualized cognitive rehabilitation program to be administered remotely.

ADHD products were developed in collaboration with the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto (“SickKids”) and certain elements of the MegaTeam products have been incorporated under exclusive license from them.

MegaTeam products include:​
Stop Signal Reaction Time Assessment
N-Back Assessment
Inhibitory Control Rehabilitation
Working Memory Rehabilitation
Assessment Through A Digital Experience

MegaTeam applications seek to improve attention, learning, and behavior in individuals with ADHD. MegaTeam was designed and programmed with the intention of providing engagement comparable to video game play; throughout the design process, we have utilized experts in children’s digital media.

MegaTeam applications are available on all major platforms including PC, Mac, Android, and iOS systems. Our applications may be used in a clinic, a patient’s home, or remotely.

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