Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy stock directly from Ehave?
No, you will need to contact a licensed stockbroker or use an online trading account


How can I buy stock in Ehave?
Through a licensed stockbroker or by using an online trading account


How do I get my purchased shares?
Contact Vstock Transfer by telephone at (212) 828-8436 or by email at


What is Ehave’s CUSIP number?


Whom can I contact for general information about Ehave?
Email us at

When was Ehave incorporated?
Ehave, Inc. was  incorporated on October 31st, 2011 in the province of Ontario, Canada


When is Ehave’s fiscal year end?
December 31st


Who are Ehave’s independent auditors?
Turner, Stone & Company, LLP


Who is Ehave’s outside legal counsel?
Jonathan D. Leinwand, P.A. in the U.S. and Minden Gross LLP in Canada

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