Mental Medical Passport

Get your Ehave Medical Passport and be ‘future-ready’

Carry all of your medical records on a single card.

Ehave’s Medical Passport is a smart card-based Integrated Electronic Health Record System that uses a smart card for personal identification and transfer of health data and provides data communication.

In addition to personal information, general health information about the patient is also loaded into the patient medical passport.

And forget about the papers, you have everything stored on a smart card which is your personal Medical Passport.

Why you cannot say “No” to Ehave? Ehave’s Medical Passport has several advantages over the paper record, which are:

Increased efficiency

Improved accuracy

Quality patient care

Reduced cost

Enhanced productivity

Clinical parameters of a patient's health details (Blood Pressure, Diabetes Mellitus, Covid-19 symptoms or treatment, Pulse Oxygen Measurement, etc.) are stored in this electronic health record.

A Powerful Healthcare Automation

The smart card uses distributed protocol. So, using smart cards in existing hospital information systems, mobile and secure access to patient's records is possible. It facilitates the roles of both healthcare professionals and patients.

Potential security and authorization features are protected by end-to-end encryption that ensures business continuity and ensures data security.

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Completely encrypted, virtually indestructible

MyLifeID Pocket Cloud is a secure and portable storage device, specifically created to manage your most sensitive health and medical data.

All in One

Provide care to your patients more effectively

All in One

Ehave’s Mental Medical Passport is considered a powerful all-in-one healthcare automation system with the integration of a smart card that has everything from the patients’ personal information to their entire medical history including medical reports and emergency information stored on it.

One ID Everywhere

Hospitals, clinics, labs - one ID works everywhere.

One ID Everywhere

Mental Medical Passport is a one-stop solution for you. Be stress free because you don’t need different EHR smart cards for different places. The Mental Medical Passport works everywhere- hospitals, clinics, or even for labs. Take your personal healthcare with you, wherever you go.

No Duplicacy

Robust encryption protects your data from frauds and thefts.

No Duplicacy

Do you know 27% of data breaches were related to medical records in 2017? But you don’t need to worry about frauds and identity thefts anymore because Ehave’s Mental Medical Passport follows robust encryption and policies that protect your data from being stolen.

Easily Portable

Carry only the ID, go paperless, reduce wastage of time.

Easily Portable

This Mental Medical Passport eliminates the need to carry papers (medical records). Now the patients can go anywhere and they can have all the medical reports and records present in their pocket. This increases the speed of healthcare delivery and reduces the time waste.

Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare solutions for everyone without draining your pocket.

Affordable Healthcare

The affordability of healthcare is a burning issue and an ongoing concern for most Americans. With Ehave’s Mental Medical Passport, affordable healthcare is now a reality. This smart card is designed after considering every sector of society from top to bottom so that everyone can afford it.

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