Patients and their caregivers are often hindered by an outdated and inefficient mental healthcare delivery system – despite rapid innovation in other sectors, many practitioners rely upon diagnostic and treatment methodologies developed in the last century.

Ehave Connect is a mental health informatics platform that empowers practitioners with a next generation of data-rich patient management, assessment, and remediation tools to improve the lives of persons suffering from common mental health disorders.

Ehave Connect empowers practitioners with an end-to-end patient management solution. With Ehave Connect, you can make better treatment decisions across teams and disciplines while keeping patients informed and engaged throughout their mental healthcare journey.


Intake + Assignment






Outcomes Verification


Ongoing Management

Platform Core

Ehave Connect offers a powerful set of core features that allow practitioners to manage and communicate with patients, guide assessments and interventions, and interpret outcomes data.

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Brain Health Marketplace

Ehave Connect integrates seamlessly with a growing selection of assessment and remediation tools that leverage the functionality found within the Platform Core.

  • Ehave seeks to adapt clinically-validated assessment and rehabilitation tools for enhanced patient engagement and data modeling.
  • Ehave is developing digital assessment and rehabilitation tools that are engaging for the patient, with an initial focus on ADHD.
MegaTeam Action Dash
MegaTeam Danger Dive

Conners is a registered trademark of Multi-Health Systems (assessments coming soon).

Data Delivery + Capture

Ehave Connect helps practitioners easily gather and share patient-reported outcomes and experiences to evaluate treatment progress and to verify outcomes.

To increase engagement with the patient and to improve the overall user experience, Ehave Connect enables seamless communication with users across desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices; we also plan to integrate novel wearable technologies.

Mobile Devices
Virtual Reality

User Types

Ehave Connect provides a turnkey set of solutions for mental healthcare clinicians, patients, and others who can benefit from objective data-driven insights.


Ehave empowers mental healthcare professionals with a suite of integrated tools to better serve patients in a variety managed care and outpatient settings.


Persons receiving or in need of mental healthcare services will benefit from clinically validated digital diagnostic and treatment tools that are more accessible and transparent.


Ehave seeks to bring powerful, data-driven insights to the mental healthcare field to significantly advance academic and pharmaceutical research.

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