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Psychedelics, Marijuana and Young Adults

Young adults are using marijuana and hallucinogens at the highest rates on record

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I think we are in a renaissance of seeing the return of plant medicine. I would caution everyone before you start taking any substances you should know how your body will react to them. You can start by understanding how psychedelics can impact your behaviors. The key to effective use of psychedelics is building a genetic profile and tracking your behaviors before and after using psychedelics.

Personalized Psychedelic Experience

Ehave believes in helping you better understand your response to psychedelics through genetics, data and engagement. Through our proprietary pre-screening platform, users can gain rapid genetic insights from a simple cheek swab. This will lead to more studies of patients understanding how to heal with different plant medicines.


Ehave partnered with Halugen Labs to bring you a DNA test that will give personalized reports and actionable insights about psychedelics and you.

If you are thinking about psychedelics you should start with a psychedelic DNA test to give you a baseline. Ehave even gives you a discount by using our code "METAU10" CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR TEST.

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