Ehave is empowering pharmaceutical developers with a next generation of data management tools to reduce errors, shorten development timelines, and automate data management in support of labelling claims.

Estimates of the overall expense of bringing a drug to market ranged from $800 million to $2 billion, with clinical trials accounting for 50% to as much as 65% of that cost. So, it’s no surprise drug companies have an interest in cutting costs. However, many clinical researchers continue to use paper-based questionnaires.

Paper is a liability to data management in clinical trials. The ability of pharmaceutical developers and CROs to successfully run a clinical trial can hinge upon how much of a role paper plays. Paper is heavy, takes up space, is prone to disorganization, and can be difficult to read.

For companies looking to use patient reported outcomes to support labelling claims, having a digital solution can contribute to the success of a trial. The FDA’s guidance document on using patient-reported outcomes to support labeling claims states, “[W]e plan to review the clinical trial protocol to determine what steps are taken to ensure that patients make entries according to the clinical trial design and not, for example, just before a clinic visit when their reports will be collected.”

Ehave provides pharmaceutical developers and CROs with an end-to-end data management solution. With Ehave, clinical trial managers can collect and store data from multiple sources including patients easily and efficiently, making it easier to collect the data they need for regulatory approval while meeting deadlines. Ehave solutions have the potential to offer:

  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Reduction of Errors
  • Improved Compliance

The Ehave Platform

Ehave offers a powerful set of core features that allow researchers to avoid errors and data loss while promoting compliance and efficiency.


Intake + Assignment






Outcomes Verification


Ongoing Management

Platform Core

Ehave offers a powerful set of core features that allow researchers to manage and communicate with study participants, guide assessments and interventions, and interpret outcomes data.

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Patient Management
Enables researchers to create and manage login credentials for each user
Communication Tools
Improve participant engagement with tools that allow for seamless communication with subjects across desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices
Analyze participant and researcher-reported outcomes to evaluate treatment progress and to verify outcomes

Ehave Connect

Ehave is proud to offer clinically-validated diagnostic tools via Ehave Connect. We work with trusted third-parties to integrate tools into the Ehave ecosystem so that researchers can easily collect and interpret data.

  • Ehave seeks to adapt clinically-validated diagnostic and treatment tools for enhanced patient engagement and data modeling.
  • Ehave diagnostic and treatment tools are cross-platform compatible and can be remotely administered.

Conners CBRS™

Conners 3™

Davidson Trauma Scale (DTS™)


Conners is a registered trademark of Multi-Health Systems

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