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Ehave Tech

Ehave uses blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning across our apps to improve our products and services. We develop and advance algorithms that build health profiles for search results, and create algorithms that advance healthcare, our speech-recognition systems allow patients to find their mental level through our apps. We’re also responsible for transporting billions of bytes of health records safely every day, developing applications & algorithms that make summarized data available to images and videos accessible to the blind, and creating magical visual experiences such as turning panorama photos into fully interactive 360 images. Our efforts form the glue between science, research, and improved patient health.

Data Management In Healthcare

Healthcare data management is the process of storing, protecting, and analyzing data pulled from diverse sources. Managing the wealth of available healthcare data allows health systems to create holistic views of patients, personalize treatments, improve communication, and enhance health outcomes.

Blockchain will play a big role in the future of data management in healthcare. Download this report to see how Blockchain & GDPR will play a major role.


Web3 In Healthcare Infrastructure

Integrating Web3 in healthcare can give the power over data back to users and help handle a structured data management system. The data stored in Web3 is distributed, personalized and traceable, eventually bringing transparency, accessibility and affordability to the healthcare ecosystem.

Image by Onur Binay


Ehave is always looking for new and exciting opportunities in technology. Let's become partners.

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